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Hey all! My name is Nick Botic, I’m a 28 year old aspiring author and screenwriter from Milwaukee, WI. I got my start writing short horror stories for the Reddit community NoSleep, and have since ventured out to my own page, and have published a print book and two eBooks!

I’ve been writing for about 14 years, but only recently began writing with a more serious goal in mind after I graduated from a rehabilitation program in 2015. At the time of this biography being written, I have over two and a half years completely clean and sober, but the time of my life spent in that environment has shaped my mind into one of a storyteller.

Such experiences have provided me with a wide array of stories, some of which I regale in their full brutal truths, others which I tweak to make applicable to whatever piece of fiction I’m writing at the time.

At this point in time, I’m focusing on short horror stories, and I’ve dedicated this site to sharing those stories with the world.

I hope to scare, I hope to entertain, and I hope to inspire.

Copyright 2018 – Nick Botic