About The Author

Nick Botic is an author from Milwaukee, WI. After having an interest in writing his whole life, Nick began posting to the Reddit horror literature community r/NoSleep, where he quickly became one of the top contributors.

After amassing a fan base and continually writing terrifying stories, he put out his first release, cleverly titled “The First Collection” (later revised as “The Things We Fear”). Since then, Nick has written over 100 short stories, been published in 14 books, had his work adapted by some of the best voice actors around the world, and briefly operated his own publishing brand, NBH Publishing.

Currently, Nick is working on a number of projects, including the novelized version of his award-winning short story “Daughter’s Drawings”, a reimagined novel based on his story “The Agoraphobic Journals”, a book that collects and builds upon his lauded “Grandpa’s Cases” series, and a comic book. In addition, he is in the process of producing a podcast entitled “100% True: The History of Creepypasta and Internet Horror”, which will feature many authors from his class in the genre of internet horror fiction.

Nick’s ultimate goal is to write for the screen, both big and small, goals that he works towards every day.

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