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Letters From Ben

Goregasm – Out Now!

Do Everything You Can To Avoid Living Next To A Nursing Home

Daughter’s Drawings – Part 1

The Agoraphobic Journals – Part 1

The kids in my neighborhood haven’t stopped trick-or-treating

In our neighborhood, in the town of Wauwatosa, WI, trick-or-treating was initially scheduled for October 27th. Inclement weather called for a reschedule, so it ended up being on Halloween night, which as you know was a Thursday this year. Weather again caused a cancellation, but finally, the night after Halloween, trick-or-treating was held. It was a fun evening! The kids […]

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My grandpa, a retired homicide detective, just told me about the first case that made him consider a different career

Case 1 | Case 2 | Case 3 | Case 4 Both my grandfather and I appreciate everyone’s well wishes, truly more than words can express. Posting these stories has become something he gets excited to do. In his words:  “Knowing I can finally get the word out on all the weirdness that goes on in this world, not having […]

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A MASSIVE collection of my work is coming out soon!

So, this can serve as the official announcement: I’m releasing every story/series I’ve written between 2015 and June 2019 in one giant book! I’m currently formatting the nearly 1000-page behemoth, which will not only include the stories, but my commentary on a lot of the stories, backgrounds on where the ideas came from, a look into how my antipsychotic and antidepressant medication-addled brain works! Stay tuned!

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