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Spaulding Clinical is doing bad things to people, and I have the reports to prove it.

Establishing secure connection … … Secure connection established Establishing integrated monitoring software … … Monitoring session initiated Incoming report Downloading … … Report ready. Click to open. Report expires in 15:00. Any attempt to duplicate, distribute, or otherwise make record of will be noted and referred to superiors. Spaulding Clinical Research Beyond Results —– Clinical Trial 512KS-96 (Nebel) Log // […]

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I’ve been digging graves for 11 years, and until now I’ve never found a body already under the ground

I’ve owned Pinelawn Cemetery, the cemetery that serves the small town in which we reside, for going on 11 years now. Our land is a good size, but due to the size of the town from which our cemetery draws its…inhabitants…it’s only about half full despite having been around nearly a century. About a month ago, however, an elderly man […]

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19 years ago, my best friend disappeared from a place I’ve never returned to. Something wants me to go back.

Every neighborhood has that neighbor, that one house to which stories are attached, stories that have been passed from friend to friend, from older siblings to younger. Stories told in tents under flashlights, around bonfires. The house itself is nondescript, but more often than not, children walking about the neighborhood will cross the street so as not to pass directly […]

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