Ben hated this moment. The moment he opens his eyes, and his head fills with the blaring tones of his alarm clock. The moment when the peacefulness of his hard earned weekend is officially over. Monday morning, 6:00am. The 31 year old office worker quite literally lived for the weekends. The monotony of his weekday... Continue Reading →



My wife Kimmy and I were lounging around watching TV in our living room at around 11pm. We’d had a particularly busy day, so we decided to retire to the bedroom earlier than we normally would. Kimmy walked down the hallway to our bedroom while I brought my few dishes I’d been using to the... Continue Reading →

What Hides In The Shadows

It peeks through the window of 2663 North 106th Street, using the shadows that surround it as a cloak of invisibility. The only thing anyone would be able to see were its piercing green eyes. The rest of its body is a deep, brooding black. Its arms are long and thin, its torso gaunt and... Continue Reading →

Eyes In The Night

Myself, my wife Kimmy, and our friends Ryan and Alyssa, also a couple, decided to go hiking/camping. It was to be a four day trip. We’d hike for a day, sleep for the night, hike the next day, sleep, then turn around and take the same way back. We did research to make sure that... Continue Reading →

Daughter’s Drawings Narration!

If you have any interest in listening, a very well known narrator, MrCreepyPasta, has chosen my story "Daughter's Drawings" as his newest project. He does a fantastic job. Check it out below! Part 2 will be released on Tuesday, February 14th!    


After we got married, we built our house to our exact likings. It wasn’t a mansion or anything, but it was exactly what we wanted. Kimmy had her art studio, I had my office/man cave. It was our palace. It was just outside the middle of nowhere, close enough to other civilization that we didn’t... Continue Reading →

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