Chapter 15 – The End Part II

I can’t even describe the feeling that washed over me when the guy driving the truck turned out to be a cop. His name was “Paul”, and he had worked undercover at a trucking company for over two years trying to find the people responsible for reports of a kidnapping operation. His search led him to an independent trucker named Greg, who was one of a few truck drivers who supplied people to the town of Glarus.


While undercover, he befriended Greg, and became next in line to take the mantle from him. This included participating in the abduction of a few people, and watching three children get thrown down a well, something he says he’ll never unsee, but needed to keep his cover intact so as to collect all the possible information.


He’d convinced Greg, while on his trial run and introductory meeting, to stick around and see the ritual itself, as his task was to get visual confirmation so as to classify the crimes going on in an effort to perhaps make a RICO case. Once they witnessed the ritual begin from down the road, and Paul had his confirmation, the undercover detective subdued Greg and threw him in the back of the truck.


After fruitless efforts to locate and rescue any of the sacrifices, and seeing the body count pile up by the fire in the distance, Paul decided to, quite literally, get out of town. It was then that he jumped into the semi truck and began driving, only then picking up Alex and I. As we drove down the lonely roads away from the town where nightmares are born, Paul brought up the idea of Alex and I testifying in whatever court cases might occur in the future, which we both wholeheartedly agreed to do.


Paul called his superiors and told them to raid the town of Glarus to find evidence of the murders that had taken place. Due to large-scale obstruction at the hands of the Glarus townspeople, by the time the necessary members of law enforcement arrived, however, the town was essentially wiped clean. Paul gave them a list of specific places to look into over the phone, but those places turned up nothing, including the well, which had recently been washed out, and was empty.


In the end, Greg was arrested for kidnapping, my grandmother was arrested for human trafficking and murder, as was my grandfather, Alex’s friend Mike was arrested for illegal weapons possession, Jim Ranger for unlawful imprisonment. A few other arrests were made, mostly for obstruction of justice, but in the end, the only real evidence was my own, Alex’s, and Paul testimony, which was enough to convict them, but lenient sentences were handed down by a judge who wasn’t in complete agreement with the jury’s rulings.


Everything that happened caused a rift in my family, some who felt that I should have put my familial loyalties before all else, but I didn’t feel comfortable knowing that my grandparents were essentially child-murderers.


It’s been a year and a half since that night in Glarus, and not a moment has gone by that I don’t think about what happened not only to me, but to the rest of the people they had kidnapped. Due to extenuating circumstances, Alex now lives with me in my two bedroom apartment. We have both sworn to one day go back to Glarus, more prepared, more ready. And if we see anything remotely similar to what we saw the last time we were in the small town, we will do anything that needs to be done to stop it.


We will never forget the victims that fell at the hands of Glarus, and we will be the ones to make sure they didn’t die in vain.