Do you have a novel you want to get out to the world? Do you want to compile all of your best stories and release an anthology? If your goals are to gain exposure, further your writing prowess, and make money, NBH Publishing would be honored to help you achieve them.

While still working on all of own original projects, I have too ventured into the field of publishing for other authors! My first endeavor into publishing is Sirens at Midnight: Terrifying Tales of First Responders, a collection of horror stories based around police, firefighters, EMTs, 911 operators and more, from some of the best online horror authors from around the world. From there, I will be moving on to any number of subsequent anthologies, themes of which will be announced in the near future.

I self-published my own first book, (retroactively titled) The Things We Fear: The First Collection and through my advertising and promotional methods I have made a healthy profit from its sales. I would be thrilled to work with you to deliver to your readers clean, professional, published content.

If you are interested in working with me to get your work published, please contact me through, or feel free to fill out the form below!


I am Nick Botic, a writer from Milwaukee just giving something other than dealing drugs a try, and it seems to be working out. I want to scare you, and I want to entertain you. Hopefully I do a decent job of that.

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