Joel Hunt

Joel R Hunt Photo

Nick Botic: Joel, what do you consider to be your best work?

Joel Hunt: Personally, I think my best work is one of mine that got the least attention when I posted it (isn’t that always the way…). I spent months getting it right, which I hope shows when people read through it; “I’m being haunted by a word“.

The title says it all, really; the protagonist is being haunted by a cursed word which he starts to see everywhere. Warning: the curse may or may not be contagious. Read at your own risk.

NB: What is your most popular/successful story?

JH:In contrast to ‘I’m Being Haunted by a Word‘, my most popular story is one that I almost didn’t post at all; “How do I take of my skin?

I wrote it in two hours and thought people might be irritated by the child narrator. I’m still amazed it did as well as it has done.

In any case, Sarah would like your help learning how to take off her skin.

NB: I remember reading that one! The child narrator was a good touch, I definitely think it worked in the story’s favor. What is your favorite story that you’ve written?

JH: I’m still very partial to my first ever NoSleep story, which I wrote as an email exchange for reasons I can no longer fully remember!

He Wasn’t There

Two dead parents. Two unstable children. Two increasingly concerned psychologists. I’m considering turning this one into a side-scrolling point-and-click game, so stay tuned on that front I guess!

To see more of Joel’s work, visit his very own subreddit, r/JRHEvilInc!