Jeff Speziale

FA Jeff Speziale

Nick Botic: Jeff, what do you consider to be your best work?

Jeff Speziale: My new story! “A Boarding School Closed When the Students Encountered a Demon, I Broke In to Learn the Truth.” (Published to r/NoSleep 02-05-2019) It’s something that took weeks to craft. My other stories are usually hammered out in a couple of hours. I really focused on structure and dialogue which helped build the scene.

NB: I’m the same way, I’m generally more proud of the work that I really take my time on. What is your most popular/successful story?

JS: This! “You’re Going to Notice a Woman in your Home, You Must Ignore Her.” It got 9,000 upvotes and earned me the second place spot for “Most Immersive Story” on NoSleep for 2018. It’s also currently being produced as a short film!

NB: I loved that one! And I’m definitely looking forward to the short. What is your favorite story that you’ve written?

JS: Definitely “Halloween 64“. I’m a HUGE fan of N64, so combining that with my love of horror was all too perfect.

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