Jason Farrington


Nick Botic: Jason, what do you consider to be your best work?

Jason Farrington:  “Treat the disease, not the symptoms“. This particular story focuses on Depression and the hold it can have on someone in a very real way. I consider this to be my best work because throughout the comments and messages over the next few weeks I had readers saying this either helped them just when they needed it or that I handled the subject matter perfectly without glamorising or softening it which I was very aware of and didn’t want to do. I was fortunate enough to be approached by a Youtube narrator who also did a fantastic job bringing this to life, literal chills everytime I give it a listen.

NB: As someone with severe bipolar disorder, I appreciate how gracefully you handled the topic of mental illness/depression. What is your most popular/successful story?

JF: I would have to say “Catfish” is by far my most successful story. As a relatively new writer the response I received from this particular piece blew me away, at the time of writing this I’ve had five seperate Youtubers narrate this story for their channels and a further two who are curently in production. This was the first story I had anyone approach me to use and I genuinely never considered anyone would ever want to do such a thing!

NB: I remember the first time a story of mine really blew up, it’s an awesome feeling!. What is your favorite story that you’ve written?

JF: Without a shadow of a doubt this has to be “A guide to the perfect murder“. I love this story for a number of reasons; I prefer realistic horror to supernatural, and I’d like to think this gets as close to real that we can get without blurring the lines so to speak. I went into full research mode with this one which probably means I’m going to be getting a very authoritive knock at the door any day now due to my search history. NoSleep actually requested I insert more of a story into this piece as it was less looking like a story and more looking like a How To guide which actually ended up adding to the story in my opinion. I altered it involving a captive in the background as I break down the do’s and dont’s..

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