Chapter 4 – The Truckers

Driving east on a desolate stretch of highway, Greg brought his good friend Paul, a fellow truck driver on leave for a DUI, along with him for the ride. Greg’s 18-wheeler roared down the road through Minnesota, while the two men bickered with each other about nothing in particular. Greg had never brought anyone along with him on his hauls before, but he wanted to introduce Paul to the people at his destination.


“So who the hell are these people exactly?” eventually asked Paul. The question had been burning in his head since they’d started the trip nearly 16 hours prior. He knew a few details of what was going on, but was yearning to have the whole situation revealed.


“Man, they’re a bunch of crazy fuckers, I’ll tell you that much. Whole place is like a cult. Men, women, everybody, man. All I know is they pay me a shit ton of money to make extra trips out here every few weekends and then they pay me an even extra shit ton to deliver big the night before Halloween. I never stuck around before to see what the hell goes on.”


“Shit, we should.” said Paul.


“Man, I don’t know if I want to get involved with these people any more than I am; whole damn town creeps me right the hell out. I’m telling you, every damn person in it has chugged the kool-aid.”


“But you aren’t curious what they do with the cargo?”


“You’re damn right I’m curious, but I have a feeling it’s some damn hardcore shit, Paulie, shit we have no business making ourselves a part of.” replied Greg, greatly apprehensive to delve any deeper into the mysteries of the town of Glarus than he was already privy to.


“Well we don’t gotta be right all up in their business, but who’s gonna notice if we watch from a ways away?” Paul insisted.


Greg let out a sigh, giving serious thought to his road partner’s desire to see what really goes on during a Glarus Halloween.


“We’ll see when we get there, Paulie. But right now…we gotta unload.”


Greg said this as they pulled off the road to the only gas station in either direction for miles. The men proceeded to unload a rack of chips, cookies, and other snacks for the small store inside the establishment. They went and got the signature needed from the gas station owner and went back out to the truck. Both men jumped up into the back of the trailer and navigated their way through the both full and empty racks to the very back.


“Hand me uh…I don’t know…four or five big bags of chips and eight water bottles.” Greg ordered.


Paul abided, gathering the requested items and brought them to the back of the truck, while Greg moved the racks away from the back wall of the trailer. Greg then reached behind him and drew a gun from his waistband. He then took a key out of his pocket and moved a small piece of hinged metal on the back of the truck, revealing a keyhole. He slid the key in the keyhole and turned it, and the entire back wall of the trailer opened partway.


Crammed inside the small space between the false back and the actual back of the trailer were eight people. There were three men in their early to late 20’s, two women, one of whom was also in her 20’s, the other a young woman of about 15 years. Finally, there were three children, two boys ages 5 and 7, and an 8-year-old girl. They were dirty and weak, as if they’d been captive for some time, and indeed they had.




Greg was one of four truck drivers from surrounding states employed by the powers that be in the town of Glarus who actively abduct and transport people to the town. They are all independent truckers, so their trips to Glarus aren’t overseen or documented by any superiors. Each driver has a different schedule as to the frequency of their trips to the mysterious town, with Greg’s being the most frequent.


The drivers are able to evade capture by claiming their abductees from different states, and have the benefit of sharing the task with three other people, meaning they can stagger their crimes by staying apprised of the other driver’s schedules.


Greg had actually coordinated this group of people with another driver in exchange for a portion of the payout. The abductees had come from both Montana and North Dakota, and had been captive between two and six weeks. The children were the last to be taken, from a playground in Fargo, North Dakota. Greg himself had abducted all three children, one of the men and one of the women.




Greg held the captives at gunpoint, not that any of them had the energy to move, while Paul gave them their provisions. Greg then shut and locked the false back of the trailer, and the two went back to their drive as if nothing had happened.


“So we got what, three days till Halloween, right?” Paul asked rhetorically. “I say we spend tonight in the truck, get there, spend tomorrow in the town, stay in that shitty motel you were telling me about, then bam, it’s Halloween. We can find a spot and see where they take these poor sumbitches.”


“Man, Paulie, you don’t understand man. These people pay me for their privacy. I mean, I know what’s gonna happen to the kids we got, but I’m just gonna let you see that. And the rest, I have no idea. But if you knew what was gonna happen to the kids, you wouldn’t wanna know what these crazy fuckers got planned for the rest, trust me.” Greg explained.


“Oh, you gotta tell me, man!”  


“No, man, trust me. It’s some wild shit. You wouldn’t even believe me if I did tell you.”


“Try me.” Paul insisted.


Greg let out a sigh, knowing full well his passenger wouldn’t relent in his thirst for Glarus knowledge.


“Man…alright, fuck it. Every couple months I come up here, and I usually only have to bring two kids, can’t be older than 10. On these normal weekends, I go to this older couple’s house, and they got them a well. The woman comes out, gives me a bag of money, and I hand over the kids to her. She takes these kids, lifts them up, drops them right down the well. The sounds that come out of that well, man. They’re horrifying, man. Something down there eats those damn kids, man.”


“You’re fuckin’ with me.” Paul said with a laugh.


“I damn sure ain’t.” replied a straight-faced Greg.


“So what, it’s some kind of monster?” asked Paul, with a somewhat facetious tone in his voice.


“I didn’t say that, now. I don’t what the hell it is, sounds like an animal.”


“Well damn.”


“Yeah.” said Greg, hoping it was the end of the conversation.

, lAnd indeed it was. The two men drove through the rest of the day and night until they got off the freeway and drove the few miles it took to get to Glarus, reaching the town at about 3:45 AM. There is one main road that stretches through Glarus, and coming from the south, the men passed the farms, then entered the residential area. They drove two of the three blocks off the main road and pulled the cab of the truck into a driveway, leaving the trailer on the dark, empty street.


The men got out of the truck and were approached by an older woman. Paul took note of the well about 10 yards away from the driveway.


“Who’s this?” asked the woman

“This is Paul.” replied Greg. “He’s gonna be taking over for me in a few months. Thought it was about time you two met. Paul, this is Mary. Mary, Paul.”


“How are you, ma’am?” asked Paul.


“Ah, quit with that ma’am shit. A lady wouldn’t be involved in the shit you guys are here for.” replied Mary.


Mary tossed a duffel bag to Greg’s feet.


“There’s extra in there for what I’m hoping is the extra kid you brought?” Mary asked.


“Yeah we got a third for you.” replied Greg, motioning to Paul to gather the children while holding out the key to the back wall of the trailer.


Paul opened the back of the truck and jumped up into it. He walked to the back of the trailer and opened the false wall, the moonlight shining upon the captives.


“Let’s go kiddos.” said Paul.


The three children began crying as Paul wrangled them together. The adults objected to his taking of the kids, but Paul drew a gun from his waistband that succeeded in keeping them at bay. When the children were out of the cramped room in the trailer, Paul locked the false wall. He led the children off the truck and helped them down to the ground, leading them to Mary.


“Okay, children. This way.” she said, as she led them to the well.


The children cried as Mary, without hesitation, threw them down the well one by one. They hit the ground at the bottom of the well with thuds that echoed off the walls all the way up. Paul and Greg looked on as they heard the sounds that emanated from within. The crunching, slobbering sounds made Greg cringe, but Paul simply stood there intrigued. After the third child was in the well, Mary lifted up her arms and tilted her head back.


“To the spirit of Skadegamutc, I offer these meals unto you for your continued grace and protection.” she said, looking up at the stars in the night sky. She then walked back to Paul and Greg.


“So you know you have to meet with Jim Ranger this year for the rest of them, right?” Mary asked Greg.


“Yeah, we’re heading there in the morning.” confirmed Greg.


“What do you got down there?” blurted out Paul, much to Greg’s dismay.


Greg looked at Paul in anger, unsure of the consequences that could follow his asking such an invasive question.


“Would you shut the fuck up?” Greg demanded.


Mary simply laughed it off, to Greg’s relief.


“Something that would make you lose both your lunch and your next few nights of sleep, buddy.” said Mary.


“I’m sorry, Mary.” said Greg, trying to make up for his friend’s mishap.


“It’s fine. Are you two gonna be sticking around for the Halloween celebration?” she asked.


“Hell ye–” said Paul before being cut off by Greg.


“Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know if I wanna know what goes on around these ways, you understand.” he said.


“Oh I understand.” Mary laughed. “But it’s your last year here, you owe it to yourself to see what all your hard work has gone to over the past, what has it been, three years now?”


“Yeah, just about.”


“Well stay at the motel, I’ll talk to the owner and get you boys in there for free.” she added.


“Oh you don’t have to do that, Mary.” Greg said.


“I insist. It’s gonna be a hell of a time this year. Make sure you tell Moe you need rooms 4-6 for your other guests. They lock from the outside, bars on the windows. Give them a decent night’s sleep for the last time in their life.” she replied, chuckling.


“Well if you insist, Mary, then so it shall be done.” Greg said with a laugh that was reciprocated by the 60-something year old woman.


“Well you boys head on into town, get some sleep before you head to Ranger’s in the morning.” Mary said,


“Will do, Mary.” replied Greg, with a nod that replaced a proper goodbye.


“Nice to meet you Mary. Sorry again for overstepping my bounds.” offered Paul.


“Don’t worry about it, just don’t let it happen again.” said Mary with a chuckle. “I look forward to working with you.”


“Likewise.” replied Paul.


And with that, the two men closed the trailer of the truck and got back in while Mary retreated back to her house. Greg and Paul drove into town and arrived at the Glarus Motel.


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