Chapter 14 – The End Part I

Though the eighth and final would-be had victim successfully escaped from Glarus, the Master of Ceremonies was required to finish the festivities, albeit now in a hurried manner. When word got back to him that the final sacrifice had escaped, Jim Ranger’s nerves went into overdrive. However, knowing he had to finish the ritual, he blew the ceremonial horn, alerting all the hunters, and more importantly Glaruson, to return to the bonfire.


Glaruson sprinted back, ready to feast uninterrupted. As soon as the cannibal was back, Jim Ranger, still in his black cloak and with his face hidden under the deer skull, began the feast ritual.


“Oh, great F–Flames of Skadegamutc, p–please enlighten your vessel as to the order in which he may s…satiate his hunger.” said Jim, his voice shaky with the fear of failure stemming from Adam’s escape.


The bonfire’s flames crackled in the wind, the Glarus cannibal staring deeply into the glowing orange abyss, listening intently for something. It’s said that the fire speaks to the Glaruson descendants, telling them which order they should consume their sacrifices in. Apparently, Glaruson got the message he was listening for, because suddenly began tearing into Jessica’s stomach, feasting on her entrails and drinking her blood.


Mariah wept as she now knew exactly what her fate was. She looked at her dead husband, which gave her the only solace she could manage to find, in knowing that she would soon be with him once again. Sam looked on as Glaruson turned his attention to Matt, sliding his hand in his multiple stab wounds and pulling out organs to devour. Dave quickly bled out from his arm being cut off, dying in the reddened grass next to the fire, becoming Glaruson’s third meal.


Following Dave, Glaruson began consuming Bradley, much to the horror of Mariah, who begged and pleaded with him to stop, eliciting only a shriek in response. After chewing on her husband’s heart for a few moments, he turned to Maddie, and ripped a large handful of her hair out, slurping it up into his mouth like spaghetti noodles. Realizing this didn’t taste as good as human flesh and blood, he spit it out, opting instead to flay her skin off and eat it in sheets.


This left only Sam and Mariah left to be consumed. The sparse yet growing crowd cheered on as their town’s namesake did exactly what he was supposed to do. Every year, there was a certain point when the Glaruson descendant would have his fill and give a signal to the Master of Ceremonies to have the sacrifices, living or dead, brought back and dropped down the well.


Jim Ranger hurriedly instructed the necessary people to pile the bodies and two remaining living people into the back of a truck and take them back to Mr. Kern’s well. He skipped the exit speech that was usually custom for the Master of Ceremonies to deliver, but with the escaped sacrifice, it was imperative that the clean-up portion of the evening happen in an expedited fashion. Three large men in matching devil masks drove the bodies, with Glaruson lying in the center of the carnage, to Kern’s well.


Once they reached the house, Glaruson got out of the back of the pickup truck and made his way to the well. He dropped the rope that had been staked to the ground to get him out of the well earlier in the night back down and rappelled to the bottom, quickly getting out of the way of the bodies that would soon be falling down to join him.


Sure enough, one by one, cadavers began falling down the well. First down was Bradley, followed by Matt, then Maddie. Next, Mariah was dropped down, breaking both of her legs upon impact. Luckily, she hit the other bodies and fell to the side when she landed, effectively making her able to avoid the forthcoming bodies dropping to her level. Jessica then hit the growing pile of bodies with a thud, sending blood flying all over Mariah.


Dave then landed on top of Jessica, and the group was completed by Sam, who was thrown down head first, separating his shoulder when he hit the pile of corpses. He and Mariah were going to have the hardest time in the well, as Glaruson enjoyed keeping his living sacrifices alive long enough to see him consume the rest of the already deceased victims. With five others before them, they were likely going to starve before they were eaten, or so one might think.


Glaruson would simply wait until they were about to die, and only then would he eat them, making the last moments of their life as miserable and torturous as possible. The winds of Glarus carried the echoes of Sam and Mariah’s screams throughout the night, until their throats were red and their voices hoarse.


The sun rose hours later, putting an end to the latest Glarus Hunt. The as-yet uncleaned fields ran red with the blood of the sacrifices, and all would have been right again in Glarus, if not for the one who got away.


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