Chapter 12 – The Others

Matt, Bradley, Mariah, Sam, Maddie, Jessica, and Dave all ran through different parts of the cornfield. Once the three minute head start was up, the Glaruson descendant sprinted through the tall stalks of corn, using his sense of smell to guide him. He ran through the field, and took solace in the screams he heard coming from the terrified would-be victims that awaited him.


The first prisoner to catch his attention was Maddie, the 15-year-old girl that had been kidnapped while walking home from school around a month prior. Her fear was taking hold of her, her fight-or-flight response mechanism nowhere to be found. She stopped in the middle of the cornfield and broke down in tears. She rested her hands on her knees as she hyperventilated, followed immediately by having the wind knocked out of her.


She had just been tackled by the Glaruson cannibal. He looked down at her, his green eyes staring into hers as she screamed at the top of her lungs. With her mouth wide open, he stuck his hand completely inside it, and ripped out her tongue. With his knees on her arms, pinning her down, he put her severed tongue into his own mouth and consumed it without missing a beat.


Blood filled his first victim’s mouth, her screams turning to gargles. Glaruson followed up his vicious first strike with a bite to the jugular, creating the bloody mess that the residents of the town of Glarus hoped for all year long. Glaruson then set in to enjoy his first meal of the holiday and let the townspeople capture some of the other sacrifices for him.


Bradley and Mariah decided to stick together, as any married couple in this particular predicament would surely do. They decided to run directly through the cornfield, straight away from where they started, and then took a sharp right, heading towards getting out of the town completely. They ran for about 10 minutes before a truck with four masked “hunters” inside, each armed with a different bladed weapon, plowed through the cornfield they were in and stopped about 30 feet in front of them.


Bradley and Mariah stopped in their tracks, unsure of whether or not the truck’s occupants knew exactly where they were or not. And indeed they didn’t. The hunters got out of the truck and began searching the area on foot. The married couple got down low to the ground and began slowly making their way around, trying to get to the truck. They made a wide route to the vehicle, and were about ten feet away when Mariah heard a dull thunk.


She looked at Bradley, who just stared straight ahead.


“Why did you stop?” she whispered. Bradley offered nothing in response.


She looked at her husband, confused at his sudden lack of hastiness. Then she looked behind them, and saw a man with a fox mask, who had an axe burrowed deep in her husband’s skull. The masked man used his foot to push Bradley forward and off of the axe. Mariah was in shock, too afraid to scream, let alone run. Soon, the other hunters had her tied up and thrown in the back of the truck, along with the silent cadaver of her husband. She screamed at the top of her lungs while laying next to the man she loved, but the hunters simply laughed.


They brought Mariah back to Jim Ranger’s farm and put her facedown on the grass by the bonfire, to be sacrificed to Glaruson upon his return. Meanwhile, Matt sprinted through the cornfields towards the woods that laid past them. He figured his best chances would be had under the cover of dense woodlands. The only problem was, he had no idea what direction he was heading in, nor did he know the general area he was located in. After running for nearly 30 minutes, he stopped to catch his breath, confident that no one knew where he was.


He rested his hands on his knees and breathed hard, trying to be as quiet as he could. Then, he heard a twig snap. He spun his head in the direction of the noise, and could have sworn he saw something move, but he couldn’t spot it. Then he heard another noise from behind him. He turned around and saw the same quick blur, but didn’t know if it was the woods coordinating with the darkness to play tricks on his eyes, or if there was indeed something out there.


Just then, something flew past his head at an incredible speed, striking the tree just past him. He looked, and found it to be an arrow. They knew where he was. He took off running again, but about 50 yards past where he had rested, he was tripped by a wire that had been put there by Jim Ranger as a security measure, to make sure no one got too far away, a measure that was only employed to the south and to the east, for nothing was past Glarus to the north and west for miles and miles (another, smaller town sat about two miles southeast of Glarus).


The wire cut a deep gash into Matt’s shin, and rendered him unable to use his right leg. He dragged himself behind a large, dead tree and listened while footsteps moved closer to him from behind.


“Where are you?” asked the sing-songy voice of a female hunter.


Matt held his breath, too afraid to even conjure up a next move.


“We’re gonna find you!” added the voice in a terrifying, high pitched wail.


It was at that moment that Matt gave up. He wasn’t going to alert them to his whereabouts, but he wasn’t going to do anything to hide anymore. He had looked back while running and seen how many people were participating in this sickening affair, and the number of assailants far outweighed the number of victims. Soon after this, a group of people walked around the tree that Matt had crawled behind.


The woman with the high pitched voice was wearing a childlike doll mask with a white t-shirt, brandishing a knife..


“Wanna know why I wore this shirt?” she asked Matt, who didn’t offer a reply. “I’ve worn it for the last four years, and I’ve never gotten any blood on it. You’re my first!”


Matt closed his eyes and began to silently pray. The woman with the high pitched voice then raised her knife.


“This is for you, Johnny Glaruson.”


She proceeded to stab Matt repeatedly, blood spraying in every direction, particularly from the wound made to his throat. When all was said and done, she had gotten her wish: her once-crisp white shirt was now soaked in the dark red blood of her first victim, one that to her, would hopefully be the first of many. Matt was stabbed 41 times in the face, neck and chest. The group of about 20 that had hunted him down all cheered while he was meeting his demise, and a few of the stronger men in the group dragged his body back to Jim Ranger’s farm, where it was placed next to Mariah, who vomited at the grotesquery laid before her, and the body of Bradley.


Sam ran through Jim Ranger’s cornfield, then Jim’s neighbor’s cornfield, but after that was nothing but an open field. Against his better judgement, he began to run towards the main street in between two farm houses. A loud, metallic SNAP stopped him in his tracks, however, and he quickly realized that had stepped directly onto a bear trap, one that was strong enough to nearly sever his foot from his ankle, and shatter every bone in it in the process.


He couldn’t help but scream in pain, alerting not only the townspeople, but Glaruson himself to his whereabouts. The mad cannibal sprinted through the cornfield, leaving his first victim to bleed out, confident that he would return to her later. A group of hunters ran towards Sam as well, who laid on the ground in pain, unaware that the honorary guest was on his way to the same destination.


Sam seethed in pain, but took a moment to notice the ground around him, which was littered with bear traps. This revelation caused him to chuckle a bit, as the ridiculousness of the evening had finally come to a head. The group of hunters reached Sam and began hooting and hollering, taunting the soon-to-be victim.


Just then, a deafening, howling screech echoed through the air, and the hunters backed away from Sam, not mistaking who had first claim to the sacrifices. Glaruson emerged from the corn stalks that Sam himself had just exited and ran over to his next victim, not taking a moment before mounting him and biting into his jugular.


Blood sprayed the cannibal’s face as the group of hunters cheered him on. Before long, the jagged teeth of the guest of honor at the Glarus birthday celebration had gnawed through Sam’s face, and while he continued on to other parts of his body, the hunters dispersed in search of other victims.


During the hunt, certain people are tasked with following the cannibal to retrieve his victims, who then drag their lifeless corpses back to the fire. They did this first with Maddie, then moved on to Sam. Five victims now laid by the fire, only one of them still alive.


Dave decided to run northeast after making some distance between himself and the townspeople. This brought him to the main street. He figured that most of the other captives would run through the farmland, and that the townspeople would stick to chasing them. While he was right, he obviously didn’t know that there were hunters that specifically stick to the streets of Glarus, because without fail, at least one sacrifice every year had that same idea.


Indeed, the hunters soon picked up on his trail and tracked him to the residential area of Glarus. One of the hunters spotted Dave attempting to break into a car in a driveway. Dave smashed the window of the vehicle, the sound of shattering glass giving away his location. He entered the car without noticing the group of six armed, masked hunters sprinting towards him. He focused his attention looking for keys in the visor, glove box, and center console of the car.


Before he knew it, a hand reached in through the broken window and grabbed his throat. He was pulled out of the car by a large man in a burlap mask, who then held him in a full-nelson. Another of the group took one of Dave’s arms and held it out. Dave pleaded for them to stop, but his begging fell on deaf ears. Another hunter, this one in a sad clown mask, swung his machete, severing Dave’s arm at the bicep, which caused the victim to briefly scream and then promptly pass out.


The three members of the group who had participated in the amputation, without saying anything about what had just transpired, dragged the limp, dying body of their catch back to the fire while the other three hunters went to continue patrolling the streets.


Jessica roamed through the cornfields, her nimble body hardly capable of moving through the tall stalks. Her inability to move quickly naturally made her an easy target, but somehow, for a good while at least, the hunters simply moved around her, her small size working to her advantage. But the sheer number of Glarus townspeople worked against her, and she was eventually spotted by a  cluster of four masked men.


Jessica began crying when they approached her while laughing. One of them made a comment on her attractive appearance, and plainly stated that he had more in mind than just killing her. Hearing this set something off in Jessica; the fight-or-flight response that had failed Maddie coming to her aid. While they approached her, Jessica lunged at one of the hunters, successfully getting his hatchet away from him, getting a stab wound to the shoulder in the process, though her adrenaline prevented her from feeling it.


In the scuffle, Jessica used the sharpened hatchet to grievously cut through one of her attacker’s shins, making him drop to the ground. Somehow, she managed to get herself out of the scuffle, leaving one of her four assailants on the ground, reeling in pain. This obviously angered his cohorts, who now had an armed opponent, something they weren’t used to, even if it did come in the form of a five foot two woman.


Jessica backed away from the three remaining hunters, armed with her hatchet. The three hunters brandished their two knives and machete, respectively, and slowly advanced towards their target. The hunter on Jessica’s left made a run at her while screaming at the top of his lungs, motivated by emotion, as his brother was the one who’d been stopped by Jessica. He underestimated his petite target, who took one swing with the hatchet, sending it through the hunter’s plastic mask and into his forehead, stopping him in his tracks, dropping him to the ground in silence.


This motivated the two remaining hunters to swarm Jessica, who was unable to retrieve the hatchet from the dead hunter’s skull. One swing of the machete hit Jessica between her neck and shoulder, dropping her to the ground. Multiple stab wounds from the hunter with the other knife is what eventually killed her, but she did not die in vain. She died as the first person to kill a hunter since 1981. Her body was taken back by the fire and laid on the ground next to the other dead sacrifices.


Seven bodies, three still living, were sprawled out on the grass next to the bonfire. When all of the bodies were there, as per the ceremony, Jim Ranger would hold a ritual in which the “fire would tell Glaruson which victims to consume first”. But that couldn’t be done until the final victim was returned, and that happened to be the last one to be captured: Adam.



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