I’ve worked in a cemetery/crematorium for years, and I have some things to share

I work at a funeral home/cemetery/crematorium combination in the Midwest. I got into the job when I was 16 years old, and started by cutting the grass one summer while waiting for school to start back up. My plan was to work there until college. College didn’t really work out, but the couple that owned the funeral home and therefore ran the cemetery seemed to take a liking to me, so they offered me full time employment. This in turn gave me more responsibility, such as digging graves, arranging burial plots the night before a funeral, general office work, and in recent years, preparing bodies for funerals, crematorium duties, and night security on some occasions. This job has, without a doubt, changed me from a skeptic to a full-fledged believer in the paranormal. The owners who hired me are an older couple who run it with their children, and they warned me when I started taking on more responsibilities that I would more than likely see some things that scared me, and that would be unexplainable. They were right. But they also assured me that as long as I watched my step, I wouldn’t be in any danger, and for the most part, they were right. Even so, though, there have been plenty of times that I’ve seriously considered quitting. I just thought you guys might enjoy some of the weird shit I’ve seen around the cemetery. _____ I suppose […]

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