100% True S01E01 – An interview with Ted the Caver! And a YouTube Channel!

It’s finally here! I’ve officially launched my YouTube channel – youtube.com/nickbotic. Please subscribe for all of my forthcoming content! You may come to my site exclusively for horror, which my YouTube channel will have a whole lot of, but it will include content related to comic books, movies, and TV as well!

My first two videos are out! The first episode of 100% True: The History of Creepypasta and Internet Horror features an interview with the elusive author of the first creepypasta ever written – the caver himself – Ted Hegemann!

100% True S01E01 – Ted the Caver

Furthermore, I have also uploaded a reading of my very first story I ever posted to NoSleep – The Demon I Loved! It’s the first episode of Stories, Horror and Otherwise! It also features a very embarrassing true story that relates to the fictional one.

Stories, Horror and Otherwise S01E01 – Sorry, Jermaine

Stories, Horror and Otherwise will be a more sporadic show, as I’m presently focused on 100% True and the comic I’m working on, but I think it’ll be a fun way to give people an inside look at how my brain operates!

Episode 2 of 100% True will be out in a few hours – and it features the history of the Slender Man!

I hope you’ll consider subscribing and sharing my videos! I also promise that they will get better as I continue making them. I’m learning as I go, but I’m putting my all into it!

Thank you so much, and I love you all.


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