Daughter’s Drawings Companion Piece

Author’s Note: I wrote this not long after Daughter’s Drawings blew up, to add some kind of background to the tale. I’m indifferent about this, as it doesn’t really affect the story itself at all, but I hope you enjoy it! Also, feel free to check out the as-yet unfinished Alternate View of Daughter’s Drawings.

Most of this information was retrieved through interviews with Joseph Marcel, the owner of the Galleria Motel, at the time of the investigation. Other, less important details were made apparent by other family members, and it was all rounded out by information gathered through various means by the investigating parties surrounding the kidnapping of Katelyn Lorraine Botic.

BiloXy Farms is a place shrouded in dark history. It was started by the patriarch Alfred Billows. Alfred was a peculiar fellow. He and his wife, Geraldine (nee Thompson), moved to the Midwest from Oregon after she received a large settlement in hopes of becoming the main supplier of foods for the new town in which they now called home. 

On the outside, they looked like a happy, successful married couple. But behind closed doors, Alfred was a deplorable human being. He regularly beat his wife, leaving marks only on her body, so they could be covered up. If that wasn’t enough, his sexual proclivities proved just as sadistic. He would eventually pass these habits on to his children.

The people behind the nearby town being set up were developers from the southwest. They were quietly looking to develop all of the nearby farmland into a booming metropolis, but Alfred had bought a large portion of it for his own purpose before they were able to. This led to some disputes between Alfred and the developers. 

At that point in time, all that had been constructed was an unopened diner and motel. The tension between the developers and Alfred reached a boiling point one evening when the primary developer and his partner, Anthony and Nadine, stopped by the Billows house with yet another offer to purchase their land. 

They sat down for a conversation, and at some point, Alfred expressed his disdain for them them trying to run them out of their new land, ignoring the fact that Anthony and Nadine had always been regarded as persistent, albeit kind and understanding people. He then excused himself from the table, and while Roberta talked with the developers, Alfred retrieved a claw hammer, which he proceeded to use to render Anthony and Nadine essentially unrecognizable. Their bodies have never been found. Alfred forged the documents necessary to transfer the land and properties owned by the developers to himself. From that point on, that small town belonged to the Billows. 

Alfred invited his brothers from Oregon and with them came their wives and children. Once they were settled into their new surroundings, older members from their extended family began emigrating as well. Soon, the Billows were motel operators and ran a diner they called Daisy’s, after Alfred’s niece. From that point, they constructed a small police station, which a few untrained cousins became the “sheriff and deputies” for (eventually they received proper licensing), as well as opening a small general store.

After numerous miscarriages at the hands of her husband, Geraldine eventually gave birth to a daughter, Roberta. Alfred extended his anger towards her as well, beginning nearly at birth. Less than a year later, Geraldine suddenly went into labor, after being unaware she was pregnant, and gave birth to a son, Rudolph. 

It was during this time that Alfred began advertising the remaining nearby land as being for sale. He sold different plots of land to different people, mostly families, and the town became just that, an actual, real, functioning town. And for all intents and purposes, for the first few years, it was a successful one. The motel, while never reaching a point of having an abundance of business, did receive enough patrons who were passing through town to stay afloat. The people who bought the remaining land in the area became regulars at Daisy’s Diner, and did their grocery shopping with the limited items offered at the general store.

Years went by, and the kids grew up, eventually taking over their aging parents positions in the various businesses around town. Roberta found a lover in one of the townspeople, and they eventually married when she was 19 and he was 35. They day after their wedding, Alfred, for unknown reasons, signed all of the property and land deeds over to his daughter, then proceeded to brutally beat Geraldine to death with his bare hands, then cut his wrists, successfully committing suicide. The day after that, Rudolph went into one of the room of the motel and shot himself under the chin with a double barrel shotgun.

Roberta, while never having been a very well adjusted individual herself, let the house go to ruins. She gave the motel to her husband, who would run it for the next several decades. The only solid thing in Roberta’s life was apparently Daisy’s Diner, where people say she would do a complete 180 in her personality, becoming a kind, soft spoken, attentive waitress in contrast to her normal messy, boisterous, rude self that she normally exhibited elsewhere. 

Roberta’s husband, Joseph, wasn’t much more than a leech. While he did run the motel, he often overstepped his bounds, and organized robberies and attacks on guests that chose to stay there. He didn’t do this for personal gain, but for pleasure, as was evidenced by his distributing the ill gotten gains from the robberies to his partners in full. Joseph was just interested in causing people harm. He was overjoyed when he found out he’d be having a child, or as he thought of it, a student.

6 months later, Roberta gave birth to Atol. All things considered, Atol was essentially doomed from the beginning. He was never given proper schooling, instead, he would be left alone while his parents went to work as soon as he was able to crawl and pull himself up. They would leave food on the endtable that he was able to reach, and would spend most of his time naked, as he would pull off his soiled diapers when no one was there to change him.

When Atol was old enough, Joseph began bringing him to work with him. Atol found fun in sneaking into unsuspecting motel guests rooms while they were asleep, and otherwise terrorizing the guests. He was essentially given free reign over the town as he was the son of the two people that essentially ran it, and all of his sociopathic behavior was largely ignored by the townspeople, for fear of retribution from his parents. From an early age, Atol had a fascination with art, but didn’t become an artist himself until his 19th birthday.

For his birthday, he was gifted a plastic bag full of white masks. Joseph gave him these masks in hopes he would better conceal his identity when out committing whatever nefarious acts he was involved with at the time. Instead, Atol became obsessed with designing the masks, and rarely went without wearing one from that point on. It was a good thing too, because many of his psychopathic tendencies were quelled when his father gave Atol full access to the garage next to their house, which he turned into a rudimentary art studio.

Several years later, Roberta and Joseph took a small break after a particularly bad fight. Seeking comfort in her son, they eventually began an incestuous relationship, which resulted in Roberta getting pregnant with her own son’s child. Not believing in abortion, she chose to carry the baby to term, and eventually gave birth to a little girl on the living room floor of their filthy home. Despite the obvious biological contradictions, Emma Geraldine Marcel was by all means a “normal” child. She didn’t show any developmental problems from birth, and only fell behind where a normal child should due to a lack of education.

While walking to visit his mother at work one day in 2012, Atol couldn’t help himself but to peek into some of the cars that were sitting parked in the parking lot of Daisy’s Diner. He came across our Hyundai truck, and when he looked into it, he saw a drawing, and for whatever reason, he was absolutely entranced by it. He took his mask off and hid it in his waistband. He then found the passenger’s side door to be unlocked, and rummaged through the car. He found a multitude of drawings in a backpack in the backseat, and was immediately curious as to who drew it.

He went through the rest of the car, only stopping after coming across information on our family. He then had the forethought to take the attention off of himself, even though he knew the police wouldn’t do anything to him anyways, and went in and alerted our family that our car had been broken into.

He then spent the next four years obsessing over the drawings he’d found, and was given ideas on how to terrorize our family by his father, ever the sadist. He even went so far as to murder his own daughter, as you all know. 

Everyone knows what happened to the Marcel family and Roberta’s extended family. There is, however, one important piece of information that was left out of everyone’s testimonies.

In one, and only one picture, the Marcel family is seen posing for a photo at a picnic that was attended only by Roberta and Joseph’s extended families. In the background of the picture, is the man who picked me up on the side of the road after I escaped the TV room.

Not one member of the Marcel/Billows family would give even the slightest bit of information on that man, and it is widely believed, considering we received a drawing and letter after Atol was dead, that this man is truly behind everything that happened to our family, and that the explanation I just gave you was all fabricated by the family in order to protect the true culprit. It would seem that Joseph and Roberta made their own son a patsy, and sacrificed him to protect whoever it is that is truly behind everything.

This would explain the fact that my daughter never saw the man’s face, as he wore masks all the time. Another thing no one seemed to know anything about was the tunnels under all of the BiloXy farmland. The investigators told me they believe that the family didn’t know about the tunnels, and that they were constructed by the unidentified man in the photograph.

Besides the family who is protecting him, no one knows who this man is, no one knows where he is, no one knows his motivation behind haunting my family for years, no one knows how he was able to financially support a cross country stalking endeavor, and, perhaps most chilling of all, no one knows what his next move will be.

I just ask that everyone send good thoughts our way, and to wish us luck. It seems we are dealing with someone more sophisticated, yet seemingly equally as uneducated, than the incestuous man I shot in the barn at BiloXy farms.


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