The Whitmore Hotel – Part 7

I sat in the basement looking at these yellow legal pads of paper that seemed to give me all the information on the Congregation of His Infernal Divinity that one could ever desire. I will do my best to relay this information to you to the best of my memory. And before you ask, I tried taking pictures. They turned out just like the one I took of the computer screen. A blur of whatever was the primary color in the picture; in this case, yellow.


The original idea of the Congregation of His Infernal Divinity was conceived by an eccentric member of the original generation of the Kennedy Conglomerate (before it was formed), Wilson Kennedy. Together with his friends, Marco Esperanza, Enoch Phelps, and George Wilhelm, Kennedy held a meeting at a lavish supper club, The Benedict. Here, he proposed the “scriptures” of the “bible” they would follow.


Kennedy chose to worship the offspring, birthed through a process of mixing of the blood, of the demons Clauneck, Furcalor, Moloch, Cronos, and Barbas, named Ruezhal. Clauneck was the demon that could grant great power and wealth. Furcalor was the patron of rage and murder. Moloch, who was in particular one of the worst and most feared demons, was the leader of Hell’s army, and demanded the lives of innocents, in particular children. Cronos, who controlled time and space. And finally, Barbas, the demon of fear. The result from a mixing of their blood, birthed through a virgin child, was Ruezhal. Ruezhal was a demon of pure evil, pure mayhem. He promised great wealth to his followers, but demanded the blood of innocent children as retribution. Anyone who faltered in their abilities to perform their duties to him would be dealt with in the most horrific of ways. Wilson Kennedy summoned this demon through a process that involved him getting the demon to appear, and speaking to him through a mirror, offering and negotiating terms. It was decided that Kennedy would be granted great riches in exchange for the blood of a child, and the recruitment of another for the same purpose and same reward. More fortune required more children, and more recruits.


Kennedy then regaled to his colleagues of how Ruezhal came to be, and how he came to such great wealth, much to their amazement and disbelief. He invited them to summon Ruezhal themselves, in individual summonings that took place over the next week, each giving Wilson Kennedy the proper credit for his recommendation. Ruezhal told each of the men the same terms he gave Kennedy, which each of the men graciously accepted. In another meeting held a few days after the summonings were all complete, the men decided to form the Kennedy Conglomerate, as a place to house all of Ruezhal’s followers under the guise of legitimate businesspersons, while all were truly members of the Congregation of His Infernal Divinity.


Each man found a close friend or colleague as a recruit. And their recruits did the same. When they were at a proper age to fulfill the agreement between themselves and Ruezhal, the original members of the church brought in their children. And so the cult grew, generation after generation. One of these business associates was Arthur Whitmore, a close friend and colleague of Enoch Phelps, one of the original members of the CHID/Kennedy Conglomerate.


Calm and mild-mannered, Arthur Whitmore reluctantly accepted a vague invitation to some sort of an induction ceremony. What he saw boggled his mind. The ceremony was described in detail, almost as if one was taking minutes on a business meeting, and this log was accompanied by some grainy polaroid pictures to better help illustrate the words.




Apparently, each member who was getting inducted had to describe how they went about capturing the child they were going to sacrifice for their penance to Ruezhal.


Wayne Cousins began stalking the 9 year-old niece of his mistress. He took two weeks off work to learn her every move. When not covertly spying on her, he would encourage his mistress to spend time with her sister’s family, where he could get an up close look at what would be his first victim. After this two weeks, he went to the sister’s home just before dark, incapacitated the sister and her husband, and knocked the 9 year old unconscious. He carried her limp body to his vehicle and drove off into the night, headed for a predetermined safe house to store the child until they were ready to be transported to the “church”.


The church, I learned, was an underground compound about a half mile from the Kennedy Conglomerate Headquarters, accessible only from a tunnel that ran between the two domiciles. It was a large underground complex that had a massive ballroom, in the center of which the ceremonies were held.


Once at the church, one would stand at some place in the 3 rows of pews. From behind a closed door, then, a bodyguard of some sort brought out the child, immediately closing the door behind them. He walks the blindfolded child to the head of the stage behind which the door lies. On this stage, there was a metal platform with hundreds of small holes decorated with skirts. Underneath the platform was a sliding container (which I learned was for collecting blood), and underneath that was a fire pit. On a self-standing wall to the right of the platform was an array of blades. The child was then admired by the crowd from the pews before having a white sheet draped over them, and finally laid down on the platform, with their wrists and ankles bound to the short posts that adorned the end of the tabletop-like surface..


The original members of the Congregation of His Infernal Divinity then entered from the same door the child and bodyguard came from, adorned in black and red hooded robes. Two of the four men stood on each side of the platform, and chanted something, which was responded to by the crowd (I can’t recall what the exact back and forth was). After this, Wayne Cousins exited the back room, wearing a blue hooded robe.


There was a series of questions asked and answered between the four Kennedy Conglomerate members and Wayne Cousins.


“Wayne Francis Cousins, do you, after all, accept the terms set forth by Ruezhal?”


“Yes I do.”


“Do you believe Ruezhal to have abided to his end of the deal you two came to?”


“Yes I do.”


“Are you prepared to offer your penance to Ruezhal in exchange for his generosity?”


“Yes I do.”


“Do you accept that any failure to fulfill your duties to Ruezhal will result in Ruezhal exerting his most heinous force of retribution upon you?”


“Yes I do.”


“Then without further adieu, please commence with the offering.”


Wayne walked over to the wall and chose his blade. It was a long, thin knife that curved at the end, with a serrated edge.  The child squirmed underneath the white sheet, struggling to get out of the ties around her hands and feet. Wayne dragged the edge of the knife over the sheet, from her feet to her forehead. He brought the blade back to her torso, and held it there momentarily, before slowly sliding it through the sheet and into her body. According to the logs, the young girl’s screams filled the ballroom more so than any other victim had before her. The stain of blood slowly grew on the white sheet as the girl screamed and writhed in pain. Wayne took the knife out of the girl, and began viciously stabbing her repeatedly up and down her body, and in her face and neck. After some time, the girl died from her injuries. Wayne took a bow and returned to the head of the platform, handing the bodyguard his knife, who in turn wiped it clean with a rag and returned it to the wall. They chanted some more things I can’t quite remember, and Wayne then removed the sliding container full of blood. It was like a mixing bowl that sat on a track. Wilson Kennedy then spoke.


“We now offer the body and blood of this beautiful, innocent child in the name of Wayne Francis Cousins, to the almighty Reuzhal.”


The four other men around the podium joined him in speaking.


“As he giveth to us, so shall we giveth to him in return.”


Kennedy lit a match and tossed it onto the presumably pre-soaked wood underneath the platform, and the flames roared up, engulfing the girl’s lifeless body. As the fire burned, the crowd joined the five men on the stage in a chant. Once the body and sheet were burned and charred, and the flame died down a bit Wayne poured the blood, first over the body, to stifle the flames that remained on top of the covered corpse. The platform was then slid from over the firepit, and the remaining blood was distributed amongst the pit to extinguish the flames. After this, everyone cheered and congratulated Wayne, with a flurry of handshakes and hugs, except for, as it was noted, Arthur Whitmore


The papers referred to him as a “conniving cunt, god-worshipping pussy, traitorous scum”, among other things. I then read on about what happened with Arthur Whitmore.


Apparently, he went along under a charade that he was very interested in becoming a part of the Congregation of His Infernal Divinity. He performed the summoning ritual, under the watchful eye of his sponsor, Enoch Phelps, and was taken through a rehearsal sacrificial ceremony. He was told he had one month to abduct and deliver his chosen victim, to a location that would be given to him on the night he planned to do the kidnapping. He spent the next three weeks giving made up details about a young boy he was stalking. He told a fictional account of the boys schedule, what the parents seemed like, what the boy enjoyed playing with, all the information that one might obtain through clandestine surveillance.


It was the first day of the last week he had to kidnap his victim. He had since been to two other sacrificial ceremonies, as attending any and all of them was expected by a prospective member of the Congregation. It was the ceremony held this night that must have sent him over the edge. The victim was a newborn boy. The sponsee was a woman who had waited for her neighbor to give birth, and on the night the new mother returned home from the hospital, snuck into her neighbor’s house and took her newborn son. Arthur watched in horror as this small child was brutally murdered and burned before him. He told Enoch Phelps that tonight was the night he was going to kidnap his victim. Enoch told him to go home and wait by the phone while he found out which safehouse he was going to be expected to drop the victim off at. Arthur sped home, and waited by his telephone with a piece of paper and a pen. He received his call shortly after getting home, and got the address. He immediately called the sheriff’s department and reported that abducted children were being held at the address he was given.


6 children were found being held captive at the house of Ruth Hammond, a mistress of Enoch Phelps. Ruth folded under the pressure and revealed her lover’s involvement in the scheme. In the trial that ensued, Phelps was sentenced to 15 years for kidnapping. Ruth Hammond received 8 years for her part in the plot. Through information given by Arthur Whitmore, they found the church, but found no remains of any sacrificed children, nor any evidence than any murders had even taken place.


Even though the church and the rest of the Congregation was safe from prosecution (inferred to be by virtue of powerful connections), the blame was almost immediately assigned to Arthur. Not long after the trial ended, he vanished without a trace.


What I read after this gave me so much insight as to exactly what it was I was dealing with.


Arthur Whitmore was taken by private train car to the Midwest by the original members of the CHID and some loyal followers. Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains the group stopped and tortured Arthur, leaving his suit jacket behind (a monogrammed handkerchief was found in the breast pocket, thus revealing its owner). They travelled to the land they had recently purchased that was to be the site of the hotel, at that point just a large open field. They summoned Ruezhal to be present during the death of the man who had summoned and then blatantly forsaken him, depriving him of countless sacrifices. Ruezhal then put a curse on his bloodline, damning every male descendant he had. Ruezhal explained that no man had ever summoned him, then forsaken him before bringing him a sacrifice or recruit, and that this was an important event. The curse he laid on Arthur Whitmore meant that with each subsequent death of his descendents, Ruezhal could walk the earth for one day (it was insinuated that the amount of damage Ruezhal could do in one day could be catastrophic). The opportunity for demons to walk amongst man was apparently highly coveted.


Ruezhal then declared that one day, a “chosen one” would become a part of the Congregation. He would grant this person the privilege of remaining on earth into the afterlife, with one purpose; it was then that he prophesied that a Whitmore would one day step foot onto this land where his ancestor was sacrificed. When this happened, the spirit of the chosen one was to sacrifice the descendent of Whitmore, thus granting Ruezhal the opportunity to walk the earth for one day.


I read further. After the police shut down the safehouse, the church ceased operations for some time, save for the sacrifice of Arthur Whitmore. Years later, it was brought back to prominence by the sons of the original members of the Kennedy Conglomerate. And so it went through the generations. Over the years, countless children were kidnapped and murdered. So as not to arouse suspicion, members looking for victims for their first sacrifice would spend weeks at a time in other states, choosing their victims from places that had no connection to way they regularly laid their heads at night.


One man that didn’t care to join the Congregation was Mario Kennedy. He had everything he wanted in life already. He had no need to summon a demon for wealth or power. That is, until he met Marion Masterson. Marion was brought into the church by her mother. It was at her summoning that Ruezhal proclaimed her to be the chosen one. He told Marion she would one day find a lover who would bow to her every whim, and together, the two would bring the church to new heights. As you know, this wasn’t the case. The lover she found was Mario. And Mario became so enthralled with murdering children that he eventually led to the exposing and subsequent downfall of the Congregation of His Infernal Divinity. Ruezhal was not pleased with this. He threatened to condemn Mario to Hell, and he would have, if Marion had not pleaded with him to allow her to stay with her on earth after they died, so Mario would have a chance to make amends to Ruezhal by helping with the sacrifice of the Whitmore descendent. Ruezhal agreed. Word amongst the now imprisoned members of the Congregation was that Ruezhal and the Kennedy’s had gone into a hibernation of sorts, only to be awoken when the Whitmore descendent stepped foot on the land.


That was the end of the pads of paper. I was so confused. I stood up. Too fast as it were, and I got dizzy. I closed my eyes for a moment. I opened them to find myself in the middle of a large field. I was frozen in fear. I heard the crunching of cold grass behind me and I spun around. A man I’d never seen stood before me.


“Were it not for me, all of your colleagues in the hotel would make fast meals for Ruezhal.”




“Do you not find it strange that not another one soul can see the things you’ve seen?”




“I have been in the hotel for a long time, Nicholas.”


“Who are you?”


“Arthur Whitmore.”


I didn’t know what to say. Just a week and a half ago I’d never seen a ghost.and now I was in the middle a goddamn child sacrificing heir-to-the-worst-possible-throne ghost cult demon conspiracy.


“What is the point of all this? Obviously to not die so the demon can’t walk the earth. But what if I just leave the hotel? Can they follow me?”


“The Kennedy’s and Ruezhal have been dormant for the last 20 years. That much time down, it takes time to reach the power they once had. Their interactions with you have increased in severity over time, have they not?


They had.


“Once they reach full power, the Kennedy’s will have free reign. Through my own efforts, I have contained them to the hotel, and made it so their influence can only be felt by you, and no one else. Soon they will be able to freely move about the world and kill again, something they have not done for two decades and will be eager to partake in. They will stop at nothing to appease Ruezhal, and that means they will never stop hunting you. You must stop them.”


“And how might I go about that?” I asked, halfway tempted to just kill myself since I was gonna definitely die soon anyways. Better a bullet in the brain than getting stabbed and have my body burned and doused with my own blood, right?


“You must arm yourself with holy relics, and sacrifice Mario and Marion Kennedy. Offering his own demons to him will show him you are a worthy adversary, and he will abandon his quest for your blood. He will wait in Hell to be summoned again, and find a new avenue through which to walk the earth.


“So get a bunch of crosses and shit and what? Walk into room 323 or 325 and what? Scream ‘the power of Christ compels you’? And they’ll just lay down and be like ‘time to get stabbed’?”


“It may not be as difficult as you presume.”


I blinked, and I was suddenly back in the basement. The papers were gone. I was so unbelievably confused. I wasn’t a demon slayer. I was a goddamn float position worker at a failing historical hotel. I thought back to my job application, I’m relatively, not positively, but relatively sure that this was not in my job description.


I thought back on my life. Nothing even nearing a fraction of this complexity and adventure had ever been bestowed upon me. I thought about it and decided I was going to see this through to the end. I was going to heed the advice of my ancestor and save countless people from dying horrible deaths. I was going to confront Mario and Marion Kennedy.


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