The Smilers – Part 4

Okay, so I have some things to report today. Actually first, I have to get something cleared in up. IN MY AREA, WALMARTS DO NOT SELL AMMUNITION. I thought it would go without saying that if they did, I would have bought them when I was there. Now that that’s cleared up, let me get to the point.

Last night, a paranormal researcher came to stay with me at the hotel I was at, and much to my surprise, he brought a priest with him. I chose to get a first floor room, since I knew that being on a different floor didn’t hinder the smilers from getting to me. I kept in constant contact with my wife, who, as you’ll soon find out, didn’t stay at her parents house for the night.

The researcher, whose name is Paul, gave me an overview of what I was dealing with. And I have to say, some of you guys nailed it. Since it was still daylight, he felt as if we would be okay discussing the situation at the hotel since we were already there, and then, we moved back to our house.

One commenter said that the house was a threshold, and that commenter was right. The priest and Paul agreed that if we were going to get to the bottom of this, we should start at the only place these things haven’t evidently been able to enter. The information he relayed to me was to the best of his knowledge of the paranormal.

What were were dealing with was a sort of skinwalker-ghost hybrid. They inhabitate recently buried bodies, which explains their overall dirty look. As far as what they want with my family and I, is still up in the air. The priest, Father John, asked if anyone in either of our families had recently passed, and the answer was no. I had my wife on speakerphone while we spoke about this. The only conclusion we could come up with was that the smilers had us mistaken with another family. Kind of a cop out if you ask me, but at least it was something.

We made the hour long trip back to our house. When we got there, the doors were shut and all the blinds were drawn, a difference since I had last seen my home. It was on the brink of dusk, so we hurried into the house and made sure the power was on before we ventured past the foyer. The first thing Father John and Paul did was walk around and unplug everything that could be used as a source of light. This pretty much included any and everything that was plugged in. Next, Father John salted all the entryways. Again, I know, I felt stupid for not doing this before at the cabin. I just think with all the commotion, I should be allowed a slip up or two, I’ve never dealt with this kind of thing before okay?

While Father John salted, Paul, myself and my wife put about 150 candles throughout the house. My daughter sat on the couch watching a DVD on a portable DVD player. She knew it would have to be shut off when it got dark; we were taking the advice of a commenter that the smilers feed off electricity. We got as prepared as we could, given the circumstances. Father John armed each of us with holy relics, and kept a small container of holy water on each platform that surrounded us in the living room in which we put ourselves.

Many people commented to go to places with large populations, and while this is a good idea, it wouldn’t have solved anything. If I wouldn’t have gotten in contact with Paul, I have no doubt that finding a heavily populated and lit area is what we would’ve done last night, but it wouldn’t be a permanent solution. I wanted to stop this, not just delay it. That said, I have to thank each and every commenter (for the most part) for your information, your hypotheses, your tips and your tricks. You have all given me invaluable information, and I truly believe my family and I would not have made it this far without your help. I chose the right route posting this to /r/nosleep, I have no doubt about it.

Anyways, the sun set. Night had blanketed over our neighborhood, and I don’t know if it was just me and my nerves, but it seemed darker than ever. My daughter had put away the portable DVD player, and we turned off all our phones except for Father John’s, as we figured having one line of communication would probably be a good idea. We basically all huddled in the middle of the living room while my daughter slept on the couch, our house illuminated dimly by the throes of candles we had lit.

It was about 1am when it started. Paul happened to be looking out the window when the street lights on either side about three houses down suddenly went out. He got my attention, and the rest of us rushed over. The next set of lights went out. It was between this set going out and the next one that we finally saw them. Limbering along in the Bernie-esque fashion they do, eyes glistening in the moonlight. I immediately saw the fear in Paul’s eyes. He voiced his concern.

“I know I said what they were, but I’ve never seen one before.”

I thought, “fucking great, lot of help you’ll be now.” perhaps selfishly, but it kind of irritated me that he was about as skilled with these things as I was. However, at least he could see them. I sent my wife over to protect our daughter. Through all of this, their safety was my only concern, whether it seems like it or not. As they approached, I found myself once again frozen while my eyes locked onto a set of theirs. I was shaken by Father John and we went to the middle of the room, and anxiously awaited them to reach the house. Sadly, there wasn’t much we could do on the offensive side of things.

While they slowly flailed their way towards us, I confirmed that both Paul and Father John had seen them, then asked why the cop couldn’t. Father John and Paul concluded that it must be the house itself that makes people besides myself and my family capable of seeing them. Another semi-answer. I asked Paul if he had gotten any information on the house, and he said he had only had time to do a quick Google search on the property, and was unable to delve further into it’s history and past occupants. I felt like that was where the answer lied.

They eventually made it to the yard, and that’s when they stopped walking and began waving, smiling all the while. All but one. It was the female that had let out the laughter the night before. She just stood there, back arched backwards, arms hanging behind her. She was expressionless. She hobbled her way up to the front door, and knocked. Plain as day, as if she was a UPS driver, just knocked on the door. None of us moved. Then she pounded on the door. And kept pounding. And didn’t stop until my wife screamed “WHAT?!”. We were met with silence, until the woman smiler broke it.

“It’s time for you to go.”

Father John responded. “This is not your home! This family owes you nothing! Be gone!”

The smiler let out the same shrill laughter I’d heard the night before. It was horrifying, and a sound I will never be able to forget. The other smilers crept up to the windows, all but one of which was covered by curtains. They started banging on the windows, but not breaking them. Now that I think about it, even their walk was less exaggerated than it normally (…”normally”…) was. I believe whoever said it was right, they do in fact feed off of electricity. They weakly banged on the windows, while their female leader gave us a warning.

“You can not keep him out of where he belongs forever.”

Father John asked who. And then it was over. The smilers were gone, and the street lights came back on. We all breathed a deep sigh of relief. But yet again, I was met with more questions than answers. Why was it time for us to go? Who was I keeping out of where he belonged? I felt the answers lied in the history of the house.

Now, I love my wife dearly. She and my daughter are my everything. But even with the warnings I had stressed to her, she made a foolish, no, a stupid ass decision. For whatever reason, while we were all collecting ourselves, she walked over and opened the front door, presumably to check the porch and verify the female smiler was gone. Don’t ask me why. I will never know what compelled her to do something so fucking ridiculous.

As soon as she turned the knob, Father John yelled “NO!”. but it was too late. The door flew open and pinned itself against the wall behind it at the same time the street lights went out again. There stood the female smiler, only she wasn’t smiling. She looked rabid. She was breathing heavily, her eyes were popping out of her head, and her fists were clenched as she, for the first time I’d ever seen a smiler do, leaned forward. She looked down at the archway of salt.

“Move. The salt. And we will show you mercy.”

“Mercy for what?! What have they done?!” pleaded Father John as he held up a rosary. He moved closer, and his presence did seem to have an effect on the smiler, who returned to her normal position, back arched backwards, arms hanging.

“We have been nice enough, you have been the one to take issue.” She said, as she flung her arm up and pointed her crusty finger at me. All I could think was “no shit I took issue, dirty ghost zombie demon limp walker assholes have been trying to take my family to do God knows what with.”

Father John retorted. “You will not haunt this family into submission!”

She stood there in silence for a moment, before opening her large mouth to reply. But as she began to speak her first words, every candle in the house blew out, and she disappeared. Right before our eyes, like someone had flipped a switch. The street lights once again came back on, and the light poured in through the door and the one uncovered window. None of us could move. We all stayed where we were for what felt like an eternity. The sound of my daughter crying broke the silence and my wife went over to comfort her. The three of us men reconvened in the middle of the living room, and it was obvious. We needed to know about this house in order to figure out what to do about this problem.

I am typing this about an hour after the events I’ve just described. As soon as the sun is up, Paul and Father John are going to go out and do their research. My family and I are going to stay in our home, guarded by the salt which seemed to do the trick, and are going to make sure to keep all electricity use to a minimum, as we don’t know if the smilers potentially charge during the day then reveal themselves at night.

I will relay the information I get to you tomorrow, as well as any events that may or may not occur tonight. This has been a terrible few days, but for the first time throughout all of this, I feel like we may be on the path to the end.

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