The Outside Friend (Poem)

There once was a boy with a friend who lived outside

He’d come to the boys window at night and smile so wide

He’d whisper he wanted him to come out and play

But the boy would complain he had school the next day

The weekend came and there were no more excuses

The boy snuck out out his window while his parents were snoozing

The friend said he had a fort in the woods

But the boy was worried, didn’t know if he should

But the friend convinced him, and off they went

And walked until they came across a broken down tent

The two went inside and the boy never came out

The parents woke up the next morning with screams and shouts

Their little boy was gone, vanished with no trace

The police received letters, laughing in their face

The parents wished they had listened to the boy when he told them about his new outside friend

They thought it was his imagination and play and the boy was just making pretend

10 years later, they received their last letter, with a note that provided some hope

They walked to the place where the tent once stood, there was now a man hanging by rope

With an arrow on his shirt pointing down to the ground so they dug until they pulled something out

The shovel hit something and the man looked down and gave out a dreadful shout

It was later they found out what happened to the boy and my it was oh so wrong

He was buried alive 60 feet from his house and had been there all along

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