Jury Duty – Part 3

Yesterday after court, I immediately came home and wrote down everything that had happened since my previous post. I think it’s best if I keep everyone up to date, just in case something happens. At least people will know what’s going on and give me the best advice possible. I also want to say I appreciate the help offered by those of you who have in fact offered. Sadly, I had to put the disclaimer at the top of the posts because I was getting a rash of inbox messages from people claiming I’m going to jail soon.

Anyways, back to what you people really care about. As I said, I came home, I posted yesterday’s update, and not long after that, I got a call from Lisandra (the affected jurors all exchanged numbers). She said that on her ride home, she was followed by something. It wasn’t another car or person, but rather, she said, “something that was always *just* out of [her] peripheral vision”; like she would see it out of the corner of her eye, and when she looked, it was gone.

She said she got back to her house, where she had had her husband screw closed the door to the attic, and sat down in her living room. When the thing returned at the sides of her vision, she didn’t look to it, but rather kept looking straight ahead. She said it inched its way closer to her over the course of nearly two whole minutes. It got nearly a foot away from her face and looked up. I’ll give you her words verbatim, because they are going to stick with me for the rest of my (hopefully long and peaceful) life.

“It was the face of pure evil. It was rage, hate, and malice incarnate.”

According to Lisandra, it had holes where it’s eyes should be, and rotting skin that was falling off it’s face as if it had been flayed with a cheese grater. It had teeth that seemed to go on for rows down the back of its throat, not sharpened, but broken, like if you snapped a stick and it wound up with multiple points. During the time it was getting closer to her, dread consumed her. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she looked towards it, and it was gone.

I decided to take the advice of several redditors and resolved to stay at a hotel for the night. I packed up a small bag and stepped out my front door. As I was locking it, I heard something slide around inside. I walked over to my window and peeked my head around to see in. There was black dust EVERYWHERE. It hadn’t been there when I was in the house seconds prior, but it was all over my living room, television, the part of the dining room table that I could see was covered in it, and the floor in the hallway had it all over the floor and walls, even the ceiling. I got in my car and got the hell out of there.

The nightmare

At the hotel, I was actually okay. Nothing directly happened to me, but I did have the most vivid, terrifying nightmare I’ve ever had.

In the nightmare, I’m at my house, and I go to the attic. I feel that I don’t want to go, but something is compelling me to do it anyways. I walk below the door and look up, and I can hear breathing from up above. I reach up and let down the stairs, and black dust falls off it as it lowers. I look up into the darkness of my attic, and I see two spots that are darker than the rest of the attic, if that makes sense. I stare deeply into these two small endless pits of black, and begin to ascend the stairs.

Suddenly, something grabs me from behind, and I’m swung like a horizontal pendulum from the stairs to the hallway wall, which has had all of its slats broken. I’m impaled, but I live. Then, something I can’t see takes me off of the wall, and begins breaking all of my bones individually, eventually stuffing me inside a small suitcase. Then I hear the words “go up”, and I jolted awake.

Now, we all know what the dream was. It’s a recreation of the murder I’m on the jury for. I’m also pretty sure I can discern what “go up” means. Probably means go to the attic. Like a dumbass. No thank you.

I got up to go to court this morning, and on my way out, I was walking down the hall, and noticed a small pile of the black dust in front of a utility closet. I didn’t stop to find out why it was there.

Trinette and Lisandra went to the judge this morning, and told him about what’s been happening to us. They said that the judge brushed it off, saying the connection of the black dust was thin at best, but that we could talk more after the day was over.

Let me get to the court stuff. They had the lead detective testify, as well as the officers that first arrived on the scene, and the medical examiner. Then finally, John Willis himself.

Detective Allen Potts

Detective Potts was assigned the murder, and testified that he couldn’t see what other explanation there was for the murders besides John Willis. Coupling the fact that his wife was cheating on him, and his sister delivered potentially upsetting news, there was motive and opportunity. He said it seemed like a crime of passion, aside from the broken slats in the hallway. They had no way of proving when that was done.

There were two things that didn’t make sense to him though. One was the black powder that was present at the scene. The other was the fact that John is a small, meek man. He doesn’t look as if he would be capable of breaking all of his wife’s bones so precisely so as to fold her and put her into a suitcase, nor did he outwardly have the medical know-how. That being said though, looks can be deceiving, and we can’t know beyond a doubt that he *didn’t* in fact possess that knowledge.  Along those same lines, it doesn’t seem as if he’d be able to lift his sister up two feet and impale her.

He said that despite these inconsistencies, he firmly believes that John Willis is guilty of the murder.

Officer Joanna Presley

Officer Presley and her partner Nathaniel Danwright were the officers who responded to John Willis’ 911 call. She reported that they arrived to the scene and saw John sitting on his front porch with blood on him. Not absolutely covered in blood, but a substantial amount. He seemed extremely distressed, and his demeanor did not match that of someone who’d just carried out a double murder.

He refused to go back inside, and kept telling them not to go near the attic, over and over. He said “it’s watching him and it got what it wanted” multiple times as well. In his initial statement, he claimed that “it came down from the attic. Just like I knew it was going to. It broke my wall all at one time and slammed my sister on it. Then it took its cape and swarmed my wife, and when it got up, she was a pile of a human being. There was a suitcase out already, so it slid it over and put her inside it and closed it.”

He recanted his statement about his wife later on, stating he didn’t see what happened to her, which is why he didn’t report that she was in the suitcase, leaving police to find her themselves. Sketchy, I know.

Chief Medical Examiner Glenn Louf

Glenn Louf did the autopsies on the bodies. Despite their appearances, the victims did not die how you’d think they did. They were both suffocated. This means that Erica was alive for a time while stuck on the wall, and Jessica was alive entirely during the process of having all of her bones broken.

The black powder recovered at the scene was also in both victims lungs, and the rest of their primary organs showed signs of burning, something he’d never seen outside of a death caused by fire.

The black dust was tested, and no match could be made. It has no earthly qualities. It is absolutely not anything the scientists assigned to the case had ever seen before in their long careers. So I’m no closer on that.

And finally, the only person who really knows what happened, John Willis himself.

Testimony of defendant John Willis

John started his testimony by telling us he was not crazy. He insisted that what he was about to say was the God’s honest truth.

For about two months before the murders, he was experiencing weird things in his house. It would be unseasonably cold in his house at strange times, things would move around his house, he kept finding black dust everywhere, and he became convinced someone was living in his attic. He tried getting help from a paranormal investigator, but couldn’t get one out to him in time to look into it.

He said a creature came to him in his dreams and told him he wanted him. That that was all he wanted, because he was special. He couldn’t just take him. He could offer himself, or it would take someone he loved. He said he never offered himself, and that’s why it took his wife. He figured it took his sister as it was opportunistic; she was never a target.

He said his wife was planning on leaving that night, as they had had a big fight about her ongoing relationship with another man, and had taken a suitcase out of the attic, and almost tripped on her way down, letting out a yelp. He claimed he was sitting in the living room at the time, talking to his sister about his issue with Jessica, when Erica got up to go see what had happened. John followed, and that’s when it happened.

The thing came down from the attic; as it lowered, the drywall tore off the slats and they folded down while breaking at the top. It turned around and basically stretched out an arm and swung, lifting Erica off the ground and onto the impromptu spikes. Then it turned to Jessica, and enveloped her in its cape. It stood there for about 10 seconds, then let her go, and she was just a pile of skin and broken bones. It then slid the suitcase over, opened it, placed Jessica neatly inside, and zipped it almost all the way shut. It then retreated back into the attic.

He said he loved his wife no matter what and hadn’t been told the news from his sister yet, so he had absolutely no reason to harm either of them.


Court was adjourned until tomorrow, where we will hear closing arguments and start our deliberation. The affected jurors got together and went to the judge, then went to the court cafe and talked.

The judge said he was going to think about all of the information we presented to him and speak to us in the morning, so now we have to get to court early. As I said, we then went to the court cafe and had a conversation.

It turns out, we all had the exact same dream. All 6 of us dreamed the exact same thing. We all wondered why we are having these thing happen to us and the rest aren’t.  And it turns out I got off pretty easy last night.

Trinette said her sons opened the attic hatch in their apartment because they heard an animal up there, and when they did, a bright light filled the hallway and it got down to about 40 degrees in their house until she closed it.

Mike had entered his house and seen something crawling through his living room, leaving the trail of dust behind it. Mike said he gave chase to it but after it turned a corner he couldn’t find it. Later in the evening, he vomited a black sludge.

One of the jurors I haven’t yet named, Marcus Hightower, said he pulled into his driveway and saw a face in his upstairs bedroom window, and that it was “the most evil thing he’d ever laid eyes on. He felt it’s hate for him and everything else in the world”.

All 3 of those jurors and their families spent the night in hotels last night.


Tonight is the last night before the end of the trial. I have no reason to believe that whatever this thing is will *not* step its game up tonight. And I have a theory about what’s going on. I’ll reveal my theory tomorrow, mostly because I don’t want to sound stupid.

Thank you all for your help and for taking the time to read about my plight. I truly appreciate you all

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